Monday, December 18, 2006

First Day

Well, my first day was pretty uneventful. Basic stuff, here's where the coffee is, here's where the coke machine is, here's where the copy machine is, blah blah blah. The work is not difficult at all, it's just voluminous and time-consuming, and thus the need for extra help.

That's it! The six of us will be getting to know each other pretty well, I'd imagine. We're working in one big room that is VERY quiet. I definitely need a new iPod, and soon. The silence makes me want to jump out a window. Except there aren't any. ;)


Neila said...

Oh, I can't do silence either. It sounds like your new cast of characters definitely has some potential!! And yippee for Internet access!

scribbit said...

And you know that eventually blogging will be big enough that each one of those coworkers will have their own blogs, describing "The New Girl." Wouldn't that be odd after being the one doing the writing to suddenly find yourself on someone else's blog? I'm feeling so surreal today evidently. :)

Bond said...


I have been remiss in visiting and i apologize.

When we reupholster THE COUCH over the next two week, we will be moving you into the every day read column

Congrats on the new job.... love the descriptions