Thursday, November 16, 2006

Adventures in Unemployment

So. Yesterday I went to the Department of Labor to file for unemployment. Big fun.

I was not looking forward to going, and planned to go first thing in the morning. However, I got wrapped up in other things and had to force myself to go about 11:30. I took my Real Simple magazine, a TIME magazine, and a book. I also took my iPod but I forgot to bring my earbuds so... no good to me. But that just made it all the easier to listen to my fellow waiting room occupants, including...

The Hungry Girl. There were signs EVERYWHERE forbidding food, drink, and cell phone use (side note: there was also a sign stating in no uncertain terms that "disorderly behavior will not be tolerated"). The Hungry Girl found this ridiculous. She was extremely upset about it. She (loudly) informed everyone that there was another unemployment office in town that allowed food. She thought it was crazy that we would be expected to wait all day without eating ("how the hell we supposed to be up in here all damn day without f&$#in' eatin'?"). She was particularly loud and foul mouthed. I liked her immediately. ;)

Wise One was sitting directly behind me discussing other people's business with her friend. She was talking about a girl they both knew who has been wanting to have a baby. Wise One thought that girl shouldn't be worried about a baby, she oughta be worryin' about how to make As and Bs.

Then there was the Snoring Man. I was initially jealous of his ability to sleep in the uncomfortable chairs, but eventually the noise was really getting on my nerves. When I finally got the nerve to turn around and take a look at him, I felt bad because he wasn't snoring at all. That's just the way he breathes, apparently, and he clearly wasn't well. But really, dude that was some loud breathing.

The Pissed Off Guy was highly perturbed because he was not eligible for benefits because he had not notified the State of his recent part-time employment or some such. He blamed this on said part-time employer, but the Lady at the Desk was having none of it. He owed money back to the State and until it was paid he was not going to get any more money out of them.

Thank the Heavens there was no Gum Popper! I may have lost all ability to ignore that sound.

I waited about two and half hours. My Real Simple magazine almost carried me through. It probably would have been enough if I didn't skip all the food or cooking-related stuff. After I finished my magazine I played a little Bejeweled on my illegal cell phone, and finally my name was called. I was directed to a little cubicle and helped by a super-nice lady. She was all kinds of pleasant and it took all of five minutes. Then I was done!


Bond said...

OH my Sadie.. Unemployment and motor vehicle offices... I cringe when i must enter either of them...Great account of your time there.

Dixiechick said...

Thankfully, I have never had to wait that long in an Unemployment office. The longest wait was 45 mins... and I thought that I was going to go crazy then. So glad you had a nice person to help you!


Matt said...

Good for you, that didn't sound nearly as bad as it could've been. And good thing you had chairs to sit in because if you're anything like me then your feet actually cry like a baby when forced to stand longer than two minutes.

Morgen said...

love your description of the cohabitants of the unemployment office.
I was expecting a build up to a really nasty beeyotch once you got to an office, but what a pleasant surprise == someone in a government office was nice? knock me over with a feather -- oh, wait, Merlin has all the fev-vers!
have a great weekend!

ali said...

he. the hungry girl. hilarious!

Morgen said...

MPPDD = Multiple Posts Per Day Disorder
I coined it for bloggers such as moi who can't seem to just post one thing per day on their blogs.

Miranda said...

Thats one thing out of the way. Good luck with it all.

Sarah said...

Ugh... I didn't get unemployment during Katrina because I hate waiting. I think that's a huge sign of laziness!!

Katie said...

That was soooo funny that it seriously made my sides hurt from laughing!! I passed on the link to some of the girls at the liberry- you are now the funny for today!! Thanks!!! Hey- and I haven't called the police in a week! :)