Monday, November 06, 2006

Roomba Report

Okay, first of all, I enjoy watching the Roomba find its way around the house. It's very persistent, if it gets stuck it just keeps trying to move until it works itself free.

Second, Merlin stalks the thing. I thought he would run, but he keeps a very close eye on it. He has to make sure it doesn't get into trouble I guess.

Finally. There's a little "dirt detect" feature on the Roomba. When it "senses" dirt, it tries to get it. I just walked in front of it and the little "dirt detect" light came on and IT STARTED FOLLOWING ME. I'm not dirty! I'm clean! I blame the moccasins.


Morgen said...

That would freak me out, a robot vacuum following me... much less the cats. Actually, Daphne & Spooker would run and hide from it. Chloe, of all of them, the little shy meek one, is the most courageous around strange things and people... who knew?
Given a chance, Chloe would probably hop on it and give it a ride!

Neila said...

I would love the Roomba! I'm just not sure how it would maneuver its way around the hundreds of toys scattered about my floor.