Sunday, November 12, 2006

Football Misery

I don't know why every weekend I still allow my hopes to spring up. Seriously. The Tigers were playing UCF, a team with a similarly disappointing season. Maybe we could make it happen. Mr. Incredible and I did not make use of our season tickets and instead watched the game on TV, for several reasons, including the cold snap that overtook Memphis yesterday, the fact that the Tigers are Sultans of Suck, neither one of us was feeling particularly good, and the game was conveniently (and unusually) televised which seemed to be a sign from the heavens that we should just stay home (plus, that way we got to switch channels and watch the Vols lose to the Hogs. Sweet!). So anyway. After the game opened with two 3-and-outs for the Tigers and two touchdowns for the Golden Knights, I thought it was going to be another humiliating blowout debacle. But the Tigers pulled it together and we were tied up at 17 at the half. At that point, I allowed it to happen. I allowed that little part of me to take over, the part that can't give up the optimism. And with two minutes left in the game, the Tigers were down by 2 points and had the ball. Right then, I just knew we were going to win. The losing streak was over.

I was wrong. Again. We lost. Again. Thank goodness basketball starts on Thursday. Finally.

Favorite football name of the week: Karibi Dede (thanks to Mya Pinyan for finding him)
Favorite combination of football names on the same field (from week one's Ark v. USC game): Nutt, Dick, and Booty


Turnbaby said...

I guess I oughta tell ya I am a Marshall grad. And UK grad. Happy to see another sports chick though. Really happy :)

Asian Provocateur said...

omg your profile pic is so cute i just want to knit it a lil' hat!

andria said...

Go Hogs!

Sorry about the Tigers, I know that sucks. At least you weren't sitting out in the cold to see it happen.

WVU beat Cincinnati,which they should have and I was happily watching it on the tube here since we, like, never get WVU games on the tv here and all of sudden at the beginning of the 4th they switched to UNC and someone. WTF? Shame on ESPN that is totally unacceptable.

But on a happier note Kansas State, unranked KSU beat Texas. Made my weekend.

Dixiechick said...

Well, with all possibilities crossed, the Memphis Tigers will once again have a TERRIFIC basketball season!