Sunday, November 26, 2006


Sweet Lord, I was excited.

It was the first half of the game against Georgia Tech last Tuesday night. The Tigers looked incredible. Even when they were sloppy (or even sloopy, right you-know-who-you-are?) they were ass-kickin'. I liked the new unis. I liked the gameplan. I liked the swagger. I loved that they look like they're having FUN. I did wish we'd make more of our free throws. Pierre Niles? He is huge. Enormous. Just... huge. Chris "Buckets" Douglas-Roberts? My new favorite. Jeremy Hunt? Earning redemption. At halftime, the Tigers were up by sixteen and still rolling.

Then came the second half. And I have nothing to say about that.

So the Tigers managed to lose to Georgia Tech. But the next day they did beat Kentucky, and the season is now in full swing. I can't wait for March. I hope whatever job I get (*knock on wood*) will understand that I need to be off for the Madness. It's just the way it is.

To clarify the degree of my Tiger dedication, I give the following information: there was a ten season span between when I started at U of M as a freshman and when I finished law school (yes, ahem, that's longer than usually required). During those ten seasons, I missed maybe five home games. Maybe. I've been waiting a long long time, my friends. I've paid my dues. I am NOT a fair-weather fan. And every year, I think, "this could be the year." But really, this year? This COULD be the year. ;)

Also? The University of Memphis FOOTBALL Tigers won a game. Yes, I'll say it again. They WON A GAME. The last game of the season. It wasn't on TV. I didn't see it happen. But according to, the Tigers beat UTEP last night 38 to 19, and in the process acted the spoiler and prevented UTEP from being bowl eligible. So, I say Go Tigers. And? There's always another season right around the corner. See you in September.

Also also? I hate watching sports not in HD. I've gotten so spoiled that I keep thinking the focus is blurry on regular shows.

**Many thanks to Morgen, for being Morgen, which is AWESOME. You rock.


Morgen said...

Thanks for the thanks, Sadie.
I hope you have some sunshine today and can get out & take Merlin for a stroll.

your friend,

scribbit said...

Fun week for you--we were at games up here too.

CSG said...

Mo asked me to say Howdy, girl!
I landed by chance in Mo's blog, and now I landed in yours thanks to him. I didn't have time to read more are get to know you, but I will as soon as I have some good time to spend.
Oh, and whatever it was that made Mo tell his readers about you needing some warm comments, I just hope all is fine.

Carmen said...

My UVA team has a new stadium for bball this year. I hope I get to go see a game there! Our football team lost - it's a Thanksgiving tradition. Eat turkey, watch UVA lose. :)

Bond said...

OK.. gotta start getting into the ferver of college b-ball