Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Whatever to do?

Tonight is hubby's first night of his doctoral program. Every Tuesday night this fall he will be in class from 4pm til 10pm, and I, therefore, will be ALONE... Whatever shall I do? Read chick lit? Bring the dogs inside to leave their hair all over the house? Count how many marshmallows I can fit in my mouth? Scoop the kitty litter box so he doesn' t have to? Watch some ridiculously girlie TV show? Do some laundry? Put new softpaws on Merlin's claws? Surf the internet? Eat cookie dough from a tub? Try on clothes from my "too small" closet to see what fits? Play fetch with the cat until my arm falls off? Drink too much wine? Take a bubble bath? Dust? Go grocery shopping? Give myself a pedicure?

For those psycho stalkers out there, I should mention that I have an alarm system, a neighbor that's a cop, two big MEAN dogs... and an attack cat.


Amy aka LaneandLibbysMom said...

I vote for Laundry!! Just kidding I say you had some really great ideas in there!! And I LOVE that you have an attack cat!! That's AWESOME!! Have a GREAT night and enjoy your time while it last!!

Lois Grebowski said...

lemme guess, the pic on the post below is the attack cat! LOL!

I vote for a combo pack:
Wine, bath, pedicure AND chick lit!