Monday, August 21, 2006


Why is it that a weekend of laziness just makes me even more tired on Mondays? We did rearrange the living room furniture. That was slightly productive. But other than that... But despite all that laziness, I couldn't seem to take a nap! I even managed to stay awake while watching golf! But today I'm feeling like I'm right on the edge of falling asleep at my desk...

I wish I could get in a good nap like Ace here. Somewhere along the way I lost my nap skills, and I had serious champion nap skills, people. Don't doubt it! I could give Ace a run for his money back in the day. I blame my non-napping hubby for me losing my edge. It's sad.

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SingWithMe123 said...

Oh, you simply MUST relearn how to nap again!! I would nap every single day if I had the opportunity! I do nap on the weekends if possible!