Friday, January 15, 2010


So last Sunday was a difficult day for me. I went skiing with P and ran into a guy that I have been attracted to for a while. We barely know each other, but it took everything I have not to shamelessly flirt with him. It even crossed my mind to invite him to Denver with us (me, P and Todd) the next day to car shop for P. I didn't. But I wanted to. And not only that, but everywhere I looked there was another good looking man at whom I wanted to bat my eyelashes. It was a rough day.

However, other than that day? Not too much has been happening. I'm still noticing the cuties, I'm still checking left ring fingers. But I'm trying not to notice whether they notice me. It takes a lot of pressure off me to know that whether they ask me out or not, I can't go. So I don't have to TRY to make them ask me out. It's a little liberating. But not completely quite yet, I still have to remind myself of it. But it's only day 15...

There is a trip to Vegas looming. We're going in March for P's birthday... Fortunately, there will be other single women traveling with us so I won't feel like the odd woman out. But Vegas? With no flirting? Really? Sigh.


secret agent woman said...

I've decided it's time for me to take a man-break as well. Deep breath - I can do this.

Desert Songbird said...

Vegas, huh? You'll be pretty close to me. I think you can handle it. I'm confident you WILL.