Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oh my sweet Lord, I am bored.

I go to work (which is slow right now and therefore boring, but I am getting lots of reading done). I come home. I watch TV, I read, I go to sleep. Repeat x 5, then insert 2 days of napping and more TV and reading.


Due to the boredom, I have started hitting the library pretty hard which is nice. In the past few weeks I've read Dooce's book, part of a book about WWI (couldn't finish it), The Lovely Bones, one about Catherine the Great, Remember Me? (chick lit), and am now working on Infinite Possibilities, by the guy that writes the Notes from the Universe (in my sidebar). I love that I can find a book through the online catalog at any library in the region and they will deliver it to my library for me to pick up. I have quite a list of books in my phone that I want to read. If you have any suggestions, please leave them for me!

Last week I started two exercise classes, one is yoga and one is core strength/stretching, each one day a week. They're both really good and I enjoy them, and I truly need them-- especially the core strength. But still it's not all that exciting. I'm hoping the classes will inspire me to exercise on the other five days of the week, at least do my yoga DVD at home that is not very taxing and only 20 minutes. For heaven's sake, I have a Wii Fit that doesn't get much use (this is because it's not a group activity and I'm not often alone). And an exercise bike. And a trip to Vegas in forty-four days for which I would like to lose some weight so I can wear my flirty cocktail dresses. Even though I can't flirt in them.

But this weekend is a big one-- I'm going to watch as many episodes from last season's LOST as I can, in preparation for the new season that starts on February 2. It might take a while, because every time Sawyer is shirtless I have to rewind and watch it at least thrice.

I know. I'm wild and crazy. Don't look now, but I might also clean my closet. I know, too much, right?


secret agent woman said...

I picked up two new books this weekend, but I can't recommend them yet because I haven't read them. First, I have to finish "Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, Sawyer shirtless! I'd be watching and rewatching too :) I think we need to catch up too. I only remember one big thing from the end of last season - May till Feb is such a long time to wait and have to remember!

I haven't read The Lovely Bones yet, although I have a copy here. I like all of Sophie Kinsellas' books, so if you liked Remember Me, you would probably like her others (I like the three or four stand-alone ones better than the Shopaholic ones). I read mostly chick-lit and Christian fiction, so you might not like some of my recommendations, LOL! I just had someone recommend "The Wednesday Letters" to me the other day, not sure if you'd be interested in that, I have not read it yet. Have to get it from my library - I love being able to go online too and get books and have them call when they arrive :)

Good luck on the exercise classes! Oh, and I got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, lots more fun games, only 20 bucks for the disc since you already have Wii Fit. :)