Friday, November 13, 2009


How have we managed to get to almost Thanksgiving without me discussing TELEVISION???

Good gravy, folks. This is highly unusual.

I guess though I haven't adopted that many new shows this season, and if anything I've been paring down on regular TV. As you may have noticed (ahem) I have (re) discovered NCIS. Repeats air on ION, USA, and Sleuth. So I'm always a-watchin' NCIS. In fact, I'm renting season 3 from Netflix. I do love Mark Harmon. Always have. I'm also catching up with Criminal Minds, a show I've always liked. As you can tell, I do love a detective show. I'm also a fan of the real detective shows like 48 Hours, Dateline Mystery, etc.

As for "real" TV, I still watch Grey's Anatomy faithfully. And Brothers & Sisters. And Private Practice, Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, CSI, Mentalist, Lie to Me... But the best and favorite of all is...


Love it.

I love Sue Sylvester. Wanted to be her for Halloween but I couldn't find a short blonde wig.

Every week it makes me wish that I was back in high school. At a school with a glee club. Like that one.

Actually I more wish for a grown up glee club that I could join. Immediately.

I love this show.


Travis said...

I rediscovered NCIS over the summer when it always seemed to be on USA Network. I really liked the show in the first season, but then I lost track of it.

But we finally got our DVR this year, so no more losing track of shows we enjoy.

I don't think NCIS LA is measuring up yet, but we'll keep giving it a chance.

Thanks for cruising by my place!

Desert Songbird said...

I'm with Travis - NCIS: LA is not quite there, but each week the dialogue gets a bit better, they've toned down the "Sam was a SEAL" notices, and the chemistry is starting to click. We'll keep watching.

You know, you can catch up on last season's NCIS on the CBS site, too. having watched all of the USA returns multiple times, I think I've filled in all the gaps now. I'm onto the new season with GUSTO. I love Mark Harmon.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

We've watched NCIS from the very beginning, the first year, the season finale was such an incredible shock in real time :) I catch them from time to time on USA or whatever, but usually don't sit down to watch the whole thing. We really like the new one NCIS: LA, but that may be just us. We like O'Donnell, LL and Linda Hunt a lot. The girl with the eye really bothers me, but I'm trying to get over it!!

Our DVR is smoking most nights, we watch a ton of tv. And of course, football right now. :)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Me too. I wish more teenagers would burst into song montages in the hallways...

secret agent woman said...

I have to admit to really enjoying NCIS, in spite of the fac t that I am sure it is wildly unrelaistic. But i watched one epsiode of the LA version and didn't like it. I like my familiar guys better.

andria said...

I love Glee too, but I always end up missing the first half because I forget it's on and watch Modern Family instead. Modern Family is full of the awesome.

I missed Greys last night because my TIVO quit early. It is too full of the last episodes of Guiding Light that I refuse to erase. I am so missing my Guiding Light I have a hard time getting into much else this season.

I do like The Forgotten with Christian Slater on Tuesdays though.