Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cranky Christmas

I'm cranky. For no particular reason. I should be feeling Christmasy-- the lodge where I work is decorated tip to toe, and Christmas music piped in, and snow falling... but I'm cranky. I think it's too much working and not enough fun. I've worked every day since last Tuesday and I'm working 11 hour shifts and I'm done of it. I will be off in time tomorrow night to go to Christmas Eve services at church with my friends and am off all day Christmas Day. So hopefully, a few mugs of spiked cider, a few hours of Christmas movies, and a little cuddling with my kitties will bring me back to my normal Holiday cheer level.

The snow here is just beyond belief. It didn't snow, and it didn't snow, and then... IT SNOWED. And snowed. And it's still snowing. Feet and feet of snow. It's so pretty when everything is white and the big fat fluffy flakes sort of float down. Today, however, it was a white-out and not so fun. But I was safe inside and that was good. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow with more snow to come on Christmas Day. This is what I get for years of wishing for a White Christmas! Here's a picture of the place I work, I took this walking in the other day, this was about 2 feet of snow ago.


Lois Grebowski said...

Merry Christmas Miz Sadie...Big hugs!

Desert Songbird said...

Yup, you wanted snow - snow you got!

Hope you enjoy some fun and restful time off. Merry Christmas!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hope your Christmas cheer and spirit returns in earnest - Merry Christmas!!!

Gayle said...

Time off work always help fix any frame of mind. Merry Christmas.