Friday, December 12, 2008

Layers of MeMe

Layer One:
- Name: Sadie
- Birth date: September 23
- Birthplace: Memphis, TN
- Current Location: Rocky Mountains, CO
- Eye color: Green
- Hair Color: Brown
- Height: 5′ 9"
- Righty or Lefty: Right handed
- Zodiac sign: I'm on the cusp between Virgo and Libra. But I'm totally a Libra.

Layer Two:
- Your Heritage: Southern Mutt
-The shoes you wore today: Knee high lace up brown boots. They're hot.
- Your weakness: I have several, including food with cheese melted on it, a certain smile, and overspending.
- Your fears: being submerged in a vehicle is my greatest fear.
- Your perfect pizza: I've recently discovered I like artichoke hearts, maters and ham.
- Goal you’d like to achieve: getting out of debt.

Layer Three:
- Your most overused phrase on AIM: I use google talk, but probably "k."
- Your best physical feature: my waist/hip ratio.
- Your most missed memory: If I'm missing a memory, how can I know I'm missing? I don't get this question.

Layer Four:
- Pepsi or Coke: Coke, but Diet Pepsi
- McDonalds or Burger King: BK. No doubt!
- Single or group dates: Single
- Adidas or Nike: Neither. I wear Saucony.
-Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Neither. I don't make iced tea at home.
- Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla ice cream, chocolate shakes
- Cappuccino or coffee: Plain old coffee, if at all.

Layer Five:
- Smoke: Never
- Cuss: Frequently
- Sing: Alto. I'm a belter; some notes I can only sing if I really push em out. Which pretty much means you don't want to be in the car with me when I'm singing full out, cause it's LOUD.
- Take a shower everyday: Just about. I only wash my hair every other.
- Do you think you’ve been in love: No, I KNOW I've been in love. Several times, in fact.
- Want to go to college: Yeah, done with that. I like learning new stuff but I don't like classwork or papers.
- Liked high school: Notsomuch.
- Want to get married: Believe it or not, yes. I'm still a believer.
- Believe in yourself: Most of the time. I'm working on that.
- Get motion sickness: Rarely, but it does happen.
- Think you’re attractive: Sometimes I think I'm HAWT. Sometimes, I don't even want to look in the mirror.
- Think you’re a health freak: No, I know I'm not
- Get along with your parents: Yes, my parents rock.
- Like thunderstorms: I do. We don't get many here, though. Certainly not compared to Memphis.
- Play an instrument: I play the flute. Or I did, anyway. I haven't tried in a while. I would like to find an outlet so that I don't completely forget how, but there aren't any community bands or groups around here.

Layer Six: In the past month….
- Drank alcohol: Yes
- Smoked: No
- Done drugs: Only the prescription ones
- Made out: No. :(
- Gone on a date: Yes
- Gone to the mall: Not really. There's a little mall that I snuck into but I don't think it counts.
- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No
- Eaten sushi: Yes, actually.
- Been on stage: No
- Been dumped: No
- Gone skating: No.
- Made homemade cookies: No.
- Gone skinny dipping: dude. It's ELEVEN degrees.
- Dyed your hair: Yes
- Stolen anything: *Sigh* Yes. I stole a lip gloss.

Layer Seven: Have you ever….
- Played a game that required removal of clothing: Don't you people know me well enough to know that OF COURSE is the answer to this question
- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Again. Of course.
- Been caught “doing something”: Actually, not that I can think of.
- Been called a tease: Yep. Jerk ass 16 year old boy. Would have gotten further if he'd been sweet.
- Gotten beat up: Nope.
- Shoplifted: See "lip gloss" above.
- Changed who you were to fit in: Not to fit in with a crowd, but to fit with a boy, yes.

Layer Eight:
- Age you hope to be married: I've learned enough not to try to set a deadline
- Names of children: Merlin and Dobby
- Describe your dream wedding: I don't know... maybe here in the mountains.
- Where do you want to go to college: I went to U of Memphis, as you know. I don't really ever wish I'd gone to any other particular school, though sometimes I wish I'd gone to a location far away, just to be someplace different
-What do you want to be when you grow up: I wish I knew
- What country would you most like to visit: Italy. And France. and Ireland. And Germany, Switzerland, England, etc. And that's just Europe.

Layer Nine:
- Number of drugs taken illegally: Only marijuana. But it is a gateway drug, you know. Kids: drugs are bad.
- Number of people I could trust with my life: Very few
- Number of CD’s that I own: Not very many. I ripped them all into iTunes and sold the cds.
- Number of piercings: 1 in each ear, plus 1 in my belly button.
- Number of tattoos: 2. And I don't exactly still love them.
- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: A couple, for letters to the editor I wrote. And when I passed the Bar. And in high school when I went to the USSR.
- Number of scars on my body: Several, I'm clumsy. None are surgical, though.
- Number of things in my past I regret: Oh. That's a tough one. Who's to say, though, where or who I'd be if I hadn't done some of the things I've done?


Lois Grebowski said...

Love this! I may be stealing it...
Hope all is going well. Miss you, dahling....

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

This one was great, loved it. I wish I had the time or patience to steal, but that's not gonna happen till after the holidays. And oh, how I wish I were 5'9"! :) Lucky duck, and hot boots on top of that!

Desert Songbird said...

5'9" with brown hair and green eyes. Got it - now I'll pass it on to my single guy friends. *grin*

Cecilia, The 2Bs and Madness said...

Hey! How is the Dobster? We are doing pretty well here in GA. Athens is great and I think the kitties are actually also enjoying it (although they stay inside almost all the time). It's so nice to have a house and yard! Happy holidays.

The Hanlons said...

hmmmm, I was unaware of the 2 tattoos...did those come after the belly button ring, and what are they?!