Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I told myself I really need to blog. So here I am. I'm sure you'll all (all 3 of you) be thrilled to have an update.

I got moved. Finally. Mostly. I still have some things in my storage unit that I have to get moved to my new place, but everything is out of my old apartment and all that stuff is in to my new apartment. And the new place has more room, actually. I'm lucky that Pebbles does not have any furniture and will tolerate me filling up the place with mine.

The kitties are adjusting well, though Merlin about near killed me when I tried to corral him to put him in the bathroom while the moving guys were there. He was quite displeased. But he pretty much immediately forgave me when he discovered the open window in our new bedroom. He and Pebbles' doggie are getting along well. Dobby does not wish to make friends with said doggie, but he seems to be happy too. We are already in our regular bedtime snuggle routine.

So far life with a roommate has not been much different than having my own place. Pebbles and I were together all the time anyway. We ate dinner together every night (much easier to cook for 2 than 1) and now instead of one of us walking home afterward, we're already there. She doesn't watch much TV so she doesn't care if I hog the remote. She had NEVER watched a single episode of American Idol before (can you believe it?), and now she very kindly has become as addicted as I am, and we make tacos and watch together every week. She doesn't stay up late making noise or get up early making noise. We each have our own bathroom so I don't have to train her to put the toilet lid down, and she doesn't have to deal with my long dark hairs everywhere, and we don't have to wait our turn. I love her dog and she likes my kitties. She cleans the floors, I fold the laundry.

If we were single (she's not), and lesbians (neither of us), I'd totally marry her (if we lived in Iowa).


Desert Songbird said...

Someone who cleans the floor?! You scored a winner there, Sadie!

Oh, and I don't watch Idol - call me weird, but I don't. Have no interest in it.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yeah, glad you got moved and that the furbabies are adjusting :) Nice that they mostly get along with the doggie, and hey, nice to have a doggie around again, huh?! Hope your arm is healing nicely and not giving you much trouble.

Oh, and it's good that you introduced her to the addiction that is Idol. Tacos and Idol sounds like a good combo to me :)

Who do you think is going home tonight?! And who will win?!

Gayle said...

Sounds like a very comfortable place to be. Good for you all!
I love to hear things are going your way!

Mo said...

Or Maine.
Glad you got someone who cleans the floor!

Chin Scritches to Merlin & Dobby! Glad they're getting adjusted to the new pad!