Monday, May 11, 2009

Television Queen

Looking over my blog this morning I realize I haven't blogged about television in a while. I know you must be dying to know what I'm watching. Right? Right.

So... Right now, it's getting ready to be a bit of a slow period I guess, with everything ending. So I will be looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance, which is always a favorite. The summer is also time for Saving Grace, The Closer, and Leverage... all very good and near the top of my favorites. I am super duper excited for Glee on FOX which starts next Tuesday the 19th. Could not look to be more perfect for me, from what I've seen on the commercials. Can't. Wait.

I'm of course eagerly anticipating Wednesday's LOST season finale, if only so I can have my brain scrambled with no hope of recovery until the new season starts next January. I've only recently started following Dancing with the Stars and I am in mad love with Gilles. American Idol is a staple, of course. I'm cheering for Kris. I think Adam is incredible, but Kris has been overlooked all season and I hope he beats Danny Gokey into the Finale. Grey's Anatomy was good last week, I'm looking forward to that finale, too.

Others I've been watching: Brothers & Sisters, Castle, The Mentalist, Bones, Chuck, and I have the whole 3rd season of Friday Night Lights on my DVR and haven't watched it yet.

Wow, I feel like I've cut back on the TV watching and yet I still watch an awful lot.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

You got nothing on us, we're total addicts! We have a couple of shows coming out this summer that we like, Burn Notice and especially Leverage, I heart that show! First, we have to get through all the season finales. We've finished Chuck and Heroes, and are winding down on 24 (hear that clock ticking). I had to give up DWTS because the DVR can only record two shows at once :) I have been totally rooting for Kris on AI also. I hope he does well, but even if he's voted out first, he should still get a good record deal out of it. I really love his voice :)

I'm hoping once the finales wind down, we can catch up on some movies at netflix stuff. We're going back and watching Alias, and are just at the beginning of season 1. Do you still do Netflix?

Don't work too hard :)

andria said...

I love Chuck, but they just cancelled it last week.

Lois Grebowski said... main addiction. House is next.

I've got 10 spoiler posts waiting in my google reader. That's my reward for finishing blog rounds today.

Desert Songbird said...

Looking forward to The Closer, especially now that she and Fritz are finally married. Hubby got me into Burn Notice a bit, too, so we've got the DVR set for that as well.

The Hanlons said...

I love Chuck! And they didn't cancel Chuck. They did cancel Life, and I'm sad about that.