Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some Things I Like

  1. Ziploc Zip N' Steam bags-- for vegetables in the microwave. Love.
  2. Dry Nail polish-- Costs $3.74 right now at Walgreens, and only has enough color strips for me to get 1 manicure out of it. But. It lasted at least a week which is highly unusual for me and nail polish. It would be good for a vacation or something. Or, for good nails every day for $4 a week.
  3. Magic Blush-- Smashbox O-Glow comes out of the tube clear and then turns the perfect color on your cheeks. Looks different on everyone, and it's the most natural color I've ever seen on my own cheeks. Very awesome. It's a small tube, but I've been using it for 6 weeks now and I don't think it's halfway empty. I just bought some of Almay's similar but much less expensive product to see if I could save myself major buckage for the same result.
  4. Magic lipgloss-- Smashbox O-Gloss. Same idea, clear from the tube, perfect shade for you on your lips. It's MAGICAL.
  5. My new Crocs. I've never been a fan of Crocs, because I'd never tried them on and I thought that they were kinda fugly. But these ("Malindi") are super cute and so comfy and I love them.
  6. Twitter. I'm in love with Twitter. You should join! Join, and follow me.


Desert Songbird said...

AVON was the forerunner with the dry nail polish (I know that because I sell it!), but they've discontinued it now. I bought some but never used them. I rarely do my nails now, so it seemed like a waste. When I DO want polish, I use the speed dry stuff that only lasts a day or two.

Sarah said...

So wait. Explain Twitter to me. It seems like everyone is on it. But I don't get it. if I update my AIM away message and I update my Facebook status and I am on gmail chat every 5 minutes, and I have 2 blogs... what can it add that I do not have already? This is my question.

(Hi, by the way. Getting back into the blogging thing is good. Me too.)