Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Okay, so here's the story.

I was in Charlotte, working a contract attorney position, just fine. I was choosing between returning to Colorado and staying in Charlotte. I was leaning toward staying in Charlotte because the job was better and I liked being near my family. 

I had a very strong feeling that something was going to happen in Charlotte. I was going to church (which I haven't done regularly in years), I was hanging out with my family, dating, feeling good.  Then I got a call from a law firm in Memphis to which I had sent a resume back in March.  I talked to them, the firm sounded really cool, and it sparked my interest.  But then I didn't hear anything from them again.  Two weeks ago they called.  They wanted to interview me the next day.  The interview went pretty well, but I still wasn't sure about the job.  I thought Charlotte was where I was supposed to be at the moment.

So I talked to a friend of mine who happens to be a priest, because I didn't want to make the wrong decision. Only three days after the interview I got the offer, which was strong enough I felt like I was doing the right thing to accept it.  And I felt peace about it. So here I am, back home in Memphis.  I'm excited to be back to a "real" job, and thrilled with a real paycheck and real benefits... And it all feels right.  I was sad to leave my family in Charlotte, I would have liked to have something come along there, but I am confident this is a good thing.

I decided it would be wise, as a domestic litigation attorney, to keep my blogging private and anonymous. Don't need clients or opposing parties knowing my personal business. So Sadie rides again.  I can only imagine it will lend itself to all sorts of interesting blog posts. :)


Desert Songbird said...

And look at your Memphis blog template! Seems like y'all are right back at home again. ;)

Domestic litigation, huh? Well, that should make for some VERY interesting blog topics indeed. Heh....

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sadie rides again, love it! I for one think Memphis is where you are supposed to be, but that's just from a biased, love to be near family, point of view :) I know you'll miss Colorado, I can't imagine how gorgeous it was living there. Hope the new job goes great and you settle back in wonderfully. Can't wait for more posts!

Gayle said...

Well, all except when your comments come through my smartphone from "Sadie" I think my grand-dog has grabbed Cindy's cell phone and is texting me for help!