Monday, October 27, 2008

More meme!

… another meme shamelessly stolen from. I'm totally pilfering all her ideas.

1. Name something you have in common with all your siblings?
I have one sibling and two step-siblings. The only thing we ALL have in common is our parents. My sister and I have a lot in common. We look alike, we sound alike. We both like sports. We both have advanced degrees (she's an MD) that don't get regularly used (she doesn't work full time, and I don't use mine at all presently).

2. Do you fold your underwear?

3. Who is the last person you wrote a letter to on paper?
Holy crap. A cover letter with my resume, probably. I can't remember the last personal letter I sent.

4. What was your first job?
I was a hostess and then a waitress at The Dutch Pancake House in Memphis. I still don't know how I managed to get up at 6am every Saturday and Sunday that summer.

5. Aside from Driver’s Ed, who really taught you how to drive?
My mom. I don't remember ever having "lessons" though, I just learned by watching and then by doing. I did take Driver's Ed, though.

6. What did you do today?
I woke up, watched a little news, took a shower, make-upped and hair-styled, then drove less than a mile to work. And now I'm at work.

7. Are you emotional?
Used to be. Lately I'm not. I think my crier is broken. Or worn out, perhaps.

8. Have you ever had the same dream more than once?
I have had recurring dreams about being chased. They're not the same. I haved also dreamed about being back in school (usually high school) and sometimes it's my high school, sometimes I'm at a new school. Eventually, in the dream, I realize that I graduated high school already and don't have to be there, and the dream always ends. I haven't had either dream in a long time.

9. If you were in an emergency situation and you had to deliver a baby, could you?
Heck, I dunno. Would I have a cell phone where I could call my sister the doctor for instructions? Or 911? Or anything? I could catch a baby if everything went according to nature's plan, I suppose.

10. What was the most recent thing you bought?
Last night I bought two bottles of wine to take to dinner at a friend's house.

11. What is on your refrigerator door?
Nothing. On the SIDE of my refrigerator is a calendar, my work schedule, some of my favorite Notes from the Universe, and a NFL schedule.

12. Name something you have to do tomorrow.
I have to go vote early. And also go through boxes and purge stuff. I'm moving into a different apartment and I need to get rid of some things.

13. Would you ever want to swim with the sharks?
Nope. No way.

14. What are you wearing?
A brown suit.

15. What was the last thing you ate?
Special K.


Desert Songbird said...

A brown suit, huh/ Wow. You're getting daring in your new singlehood. *wink*

~Just Me~ said...

Mmm I may have to try this one. Great list.