Saturday, October 25, 2008

Might as well Meme

I borrowed this from who borrowed it from Ajooja who borrowed it from LeSombre.

1. Who did you last shoot a dirty look at?

Huh. I can't really think of doing that.

2. What kind of car do you drive?

Harriet, a white 1998 Land Rover Discovery. She has some power steering problems, but she's my faithful and trusty friend. :)

3. Have you ever had a garage sale?

Only once in my adult years. I can't remember if I made very much money, I just remember that it SNOWED in MEMPHIS on the one freakin' day I was going to have it. Talk about a business killer. I had to repeat it the next weekend and had it indoors because I'd already moved out of my house, so everything that was left was for sale.

4. What’s for dinner tonight?

I don't have any idea. Maybe homemade pizza.

5. What is the last drink you drank?

Crystal Light Pink Lemonade.

6. Last time you were sick?

In May I had a terrible, awful, no good, very bad respiratory infection. Hacking cough, completely stopped up nose (to the point I made funny nose noises when I tried to swallow), etc. It was not cool at all.

7. Are you happy right now?

Yeah. Mostly. Lots of changes are happening in my life right now, but I'm rollin' with it.

8. What is your favorite key chain on your keys?

It's a Memphis purse hook thing. I can't find a place that's selling it still, although I've seen them before at Tiger Book Store and Tennessee Sports Zone.

9. What is in your pocket?

My lip gloss.

10. Who is the last person you had a phone conversation with?

The last non-work-related phone call was with a co-worker of mine who just found out that the baby he and his wife are expecting is a girl. Yay, girls!

11. What’s something fun you did today?

I slept late, that was fun. Actually I woke up super early (like 5am), laid there for a couple hours, and finally fell back asleep.

12. What are you going to do after this?

I need to be sorting through my stuff and packing boxes (I'm moving again), but I'll probably sit in my comfy chair and clear out my DVR. That's much more appealing.

13. What is something you need to go shopping for?

I need some new flannel sheets and a long winter coat.

14. What was the last thing someone you love said to you?

"Hope it's worth it!" said by my friend Pebbles (totally not her real name) who just drove 12 hours to visit her boyfriend. ;)

15. What is a compliment you receive way too often?

No such thing!


stefaddink said...

These are always fun to read =)

Desert Songbird said...'re moving AGAIN? Sigh. What a hassle, huh?