Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Third trimester, that is.

It's here. I can't believe it. This is going by too quickly.

I still feel pretty good. I've noticed an uptick in Tums consumption, I'm a little extra tired, my back hurts at night, and suddenly my work desk chair that has always been perfectly fine has started being uncomfortable (for my rear, not my back). Otherwise, no major complaints.  Oh! And restless leg.  Other than THAT, no major complaints.

My rate of weight gain has really picked up over the past couple weeks, but I'm still within the rough guidelines my doctor gave me.  I already have concerns about having a huge baby (please see Fella's birth weight of 10 lbs 12 oz) so I have been trying not to gain too much. 

I still haven't done the nursery.  It has always seemed we have had plenty of time, and now I'm suddenly quite anxious about it. Fella promises we will take care of it over Memorial Day weekend.  We need to paint furniture and put the crib together and move some non-baby stuff out of her room.  

I'm losing interest in work altogether.  Not a good sign for how well I'll be able to focus when she's here. Being a stay at home mom is not something I ever thought I'd be able do-- my whole life, I just assumed I would always work, and it's not still not anyone's first choice for our finances.  But considering how every morning I always wish I could stay home with Max and the kitties I can only imagine it will be worse when it's an actual human baby...

Otherwise life is just moving along... sometimes I feel like we're just sitting on the tracks and a train's coming through.  In 81 days. Give or take. 


Gayle said...

Yeah, but how many of those mornings did you go to work and think..Man this is the best job in the world and I love being here? You might have just been training for THE perfect job. Makes sense to me.

Desert Songbird said...

You know my thoughts on the stay-at-home gig. I've shared them often enough. :D I will say, if it's in the realm of feasibility for you, you should consider it. You will never regret it.

andria said...

It does go by fast! Just wait until the baby is already here. Mine graduated kindergarten a couple days ago and I SWEAR she was born just a few months ago.

I was not planning on being a sahm, but jacob's premature birth necessitated it. i.e....I got fired. I do not regret for a minute, but that being said, there were times I was just so lonely for adult conversation. If you go that way, the first thing you do is find a MOPS group or something similar. Surround yourself with other moms, especially those who do moms night out at the nearest bar.

My Jacob was born at 31 weeks. Just think, your baby is almost cooked to that point. I am so excited for you and can't wait to read all about her.