Friday, January 11, 2013


Inspired by my friend Andria over at Boy Crazy, I'm gonna try to post fifty-two times this year.  I will ATTEMPT to do so by posting once a week, but just in case I can't swing it I'm going to give myself the flexibility.

If I have to post fifty in the last week of the year that'll be tough.  :)

Upon Gayle's request, here's a couple pics of Alaska  (psst, Gayle, you know these are all on fb, right?).

This here's a glacier.  It's really big.  And it was cold and rainy and yucky that day, but it was still pretty cool.

And this here's just pretty.

The thing about January is, I feel hungover from the holidays, but work just keeps going.  The way I worked every file I have into the ground to finish the year left me a little shy on actual work to do, but there's always something.  Why doesn't work understand that I need a few weeks to recover?  Sigh.  It's a little slower than normal, which is somewhat nice.  But things just keep coming, Mondays always come around, and clients never really go away forever...  I'm taking of Martin Luther King, Jr Day (even though it's not a holiday for me) because I want it to be a holiday.  And it is a holiday for Fella. And my parents are coming to visit and so I need to be off anyway.

Wonder how often I can make that happen? ;)

This little fella, my sweet Dobby, joined my heart six years ago this week... and my goodness I can't imagine life without him. He is the sweetest, cuddliest, nose-lickingest 17 pound cat in the land. And has proven to be a great friend for Merlin, a.k.a. Big Kitty. Love you, baby boy.


Gayle said...

Ummm. How did I miss the photos on facebook. I will check them out! Thank you for honoring my request! :)
Look forward to reading all 50 posts in December!

Desert Songbird said...

Okay, you have Dobby some press. NOW we need to see that handsome boy, Max. :) Just sayin'......